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Amazing places in the world where you can stay for FREE!

Dreaming about a luxurious vacation after many monotonous months of the same routine? Dreaming about beautiful interiors, relaxing days and playing tourist in some new country? One of the most common conundrums when it comes to travel is how to make your funds match up with your expectations. You may feel like you deserve the five-star treatment but when your budget is low, sacrifices have to be made. Below added in Amazing places in the world where you can stay for FREE!

But imagine having the vacation of your dreams without budget issues! Imagine staying in magnificent places without having to pay for them! Get ready to be amazed as we’ve found few either entirely or almost free ways of making your destination-based dreams a reality.

Amazing places in the world where you can stay for FREE!

Piha Beachstay, New Zealand
Amazing places in the world where you can stay for FREE!

 Piha is an awesome iron sand surf beach popular for surfing, hiking, and scenery. The beach stays lodge has bunkrooms, private, singles, doubles and personal suites and rooms available for stay. All its rooms open onto private sunny decks enjoying the view of the native gardens and the Piha Valley. For those looking for tranquility and solitude, Piha beach stay is the perfect spot. It is also a very popular venue for corporate offsite meetings and conferences. At Piha, you can enjoy swimming, bowling, tennis games, canoeing, surfing, beach walking and exploring the rainforests for FREE!

How to stay for free: All you have to do is become a part-time volunteer here. Volunteers are welcomed via the Work away website and guests can help out with gardening, general maintenance and or with ongoing eco-projects. In return, you can have the vacation of your dreams.


Helga’s Folly Hotel, Sri Lanka

Image Source: atlasobscura

Helga’s Folly sits above Kandy and offers fantastic views across the valley. The property is backed by jungle and is just a few minutes tuk-tuk ride away from the City Centre. Every inch of wall, floor and ceiling space is covered in paintings, frescoes, murals, photographs, mirrors, sculptures, giant candles, and antiques. The air-conditioned rooms have huge balconies that are frequently visited by monkeys who try to get themselves acquainted with the visitors. The large pool backed by the huge jungle is one of the most visited places of the hotel as it provides a sense of calmness and serenity.

How to stay for free: To stay here for free, you have to have a passion for art and a good grip on your doodling skills. Helga provides a package of a ten-day stay in a private room and full board in exchange for a half-day of painting and doodling different parts of the hotel.


Sunrock Backpackers’ Hostel, Greece

Image Source: airbnb

Corfu is considered one of the most beautiful of all the Greek islands and located on this island is the Sunrock Backpackers Resort and Hostel. Beside Pelekas beach, Sunrock is a laid-back hostel offering cheap accommodation for those after a Mediterranean getaway. For those who want to while away a month or longer in the Greek sun but cannot afford to pay for resorts r hotels, this is yours to go place! There aren’t going to be too many luxuries and facilities like spa treatments and lavish cuisines but you definitely can enjoy organic, authentic Greek cuisine every night, a family atmosphere and the best sunsets on the island.

How to stay for free: The hostel runs a volunteer programme in exchange for food and board. You can help out in the daily running of the hostel, or work on its organic farm, with tasks including feeding the animals, collecting eggs, picking fruit and vegetables and stacking hay bales.


That Place, South Africa

Amazing places in the world where you can stay for FREE!

That Place is a modern self-catering guesthouse with balconies overlooking the valleys and the forests. The Place is a tranquil farm stay in a stunning valley setting with two self-catered guest cottages. Its rooms are decorated in contemporary African style and have wooden furniture. Next, to the deep swimming pool, there is a sauna, where guests can relax. The guesthouse also a library and a porch with panoramic views of surrounding nature.

How to stay for free: This place welcomes people who are ready to volunteer for tasks like converting accommodation, constructing “earth tents” out of mud and straw, and tending to the organic permaculture gardens.


Mad Monkey Hostel, Philippines

Amazing places in the world where you can stay for FREE! 

The Mad Monkey hostel is heaven on Earth for backpackers. It has a number of rooms for different kinds of travelers including mixed dorms, female dorms, maximum room dorms, private double and single rooms etc. Their facilities include a restaurant, a poolside bar, lounge area and a massive swimming pool. To top it all, it is located just minutes away from the White Beach and Bulabog beach that has the islands best nightlife. The hostel provides the most unique facilities that include Ariel’s point tour, mermaid swimming, zip lining, quad biking, fly fishing, kite surfing and scuba diving.

How to stay for free: Artists, musicians, DJs, photographers, videographers, writers and bloggers are invited to apply via its Creative Hub programme, with skills or work exchanged for anything from one night’s dorm stay for doing a DJ set, to 14 days’ private room stay in exchange for writing a thorough travel guide for its website.


Casa Mermejita, Mexico

Amazing places in the world where you can stay for FREE! 

Offering massage treatments, stunning sea views, a furnished terrace and swimming pool, Casa Mermejita, located at 3 minutes’ walk from Playa Mermejita Beach is the perfect destination for nature lovers. This hotel is a creative eco-hotel filled with contemporary art and surrounded by tropical fauna. Other than enjoying the 24-hour open pool, the guests can also enjoy at the Cometa Point and the National Mexican Turtle Center that is just 15 minutes away from the hotel.

How to stay for free: Casa Mermejita is always on the lookout for those people who can help to create work that will add to the atmosphere and environment of the hotel and its surroundings. In exchange, it offers a private room, two meals a day, and potentially some payment for your art too.


Shakespeare and Company, Paris

Amazing places in the world where you can stay for FREE!

This place is one of the most Instagrammed places in Paris. Its higgledy-piggledy interiors, literary heritage and photogenic shop front make it a must visit the place, especially for book lovers and hopeless romantics. For decades it has been an informal living room – and sometimes a bedroom – for many of the most revered figures in contemporary literature: Ernest Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Durrell and Anais Nin.

How to stay for free: Shakespeare and Company welcome authors, playwrights, and poets, called Tumbleweeds to stay in the flat above or in a bed nestled among the books. In exchange, guests must read a book a day, spend a few hours working in the shop and complete a one-page autobiography for its archives.

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