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Best Cities in the World for Street Photography

Best Cities in the World for Street Photography
Best Cities in the World for Street Photography

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce. Capturing the essence of everyday life, the humor, the sadness, the mundane and the ridiculous are just some of the elements that make street photography such an engaging pastime. Imagine how it would feel to roam the streets of a new city and capture its most beautiful parts to bring back home with you?

If you like working wonders with your lens, here are the best cities in the world for street photography.


1. Paris

Best Cities in the World for Street Photography

Famous as the most romantic city in the world, Paris is also great for taking photos. It is inevitable that any list of cities for street photography is going to have Paris amongst the list. The streets are full of photographic opportunities from haute couture to elegant waiters. Its architecture and culture combine to make it one of the best places in the word to shoot street images.

To capture images with panoramic views, Basilique Du Sacre Coeur is the best place. Roam along Rue de la Bucherie for photographs of traditional Creperies and street scenes. Notre Dame is an essential photo stop in Paris with dimly lit interiors and shadowed arches. Lastly, capture the best moments of your life at the most famous attraction in Paris, the Eiffel Tower!


2. New York

Best Cities in the World for Street Photography

With its buzzing streets and yellow taxis all over the city, New York and street photography go hand in hand. Each area of the city has its own unique character and flavor. There are so many interesting, unique moments that one can see here on a daily basis. This city that never sleeps permits photographers to shoot whenever and wherever they wish to.

When photographers talk about street photography, they’re usually referencing Manhattan. The Empire state building is one of the most popular locations when it comes to photography in New York. Note that tripods are not allowed here, so you’ll need to use the good technique if shooting at night. To shoot the best commotion, visit the Grand Central Station of New York. The Times Square is another of the world’s most visited attractions, and certainly the best place for street photography too. It’s difficult to capture the energy and feel of this place in a still frame, so opt for a timed lap instead.


3. Sydney

Best Cities in the World for Street Photography

Sydney is a rare example of a beautiful city made of 6 million people and there are really many spots that can be highlighted as worth capturing. Whether one is looking for the effortless Instagram shot or candids of friends, Sydney offers a mecca of spots! Look no further than Sydney and its inner city suburbs for the best street style photography.

For the perfect mixture of residential, commercial and industrial elements, take a shot at the Surry Hills. To capture a fashionable, picture perfect street in Sydney, there’s no better place than Paddington. For those interested in colonial history and sandstone cottages, the Millers Point is all set with the backdrop of Sydney Harbour.


4. Istanbul

Best cities for street photography

This ancient city once known as Constantinople is voted as one of the world’s best cities for street photography. It has so many stories being played out in the streets at every moment, one cannot get enough of pictures.

To cover a giant mix of people, from locals and students to tourists and expats visiting the Taksim Square and Gezi Park. The area in Eminonu by the Galata Bridge is one of the popular for Street Photography. It is touristy, but it’s also so full of everything that makes Istanbul famous. Who goes to Istanbul with their camera and doesn’t visit the bazaars? Visit the mosque and bazaars for all the commotion and life you’d expect from a city famous for its bazaars.


5. Mumbai

Best cities for street photography

Famous as the land of dreams, Mumbai is also a haven for photographers. It is so full of life and places to shoot that you could spend years here and not capture everything. With bazaars and temples, colonial architecture and skyscrapers, bay promenades and fishing villages, Asia’s biggest slums, and Bollywood stars’ expensive homes, Mumbai fights fair for its place as one of the top cities in the world for street photography.

A shot at the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus is mandatory in Mumbai as it is busy and crowded, making it a photographer’s paradise. Here, one can expect to capture any kind of moment. With slippery roads, narrow alleys and tiny rooms, the Dhobi Ghat is the best place for photo enthusiasts to capture the simplicity of lives and trades that is generally lost in the chaos of Mumbai. There are the places on the oceanfront like Marine Drive, the Gateway of India, and Worli Seaface that can capture best street style moments. There are the slums around Dharavi, Dhobi Ghat and Reay Road to capture. The great market spots like Chor Bazaar and Byculla Market are also popular among street photographers. Fly to Mumbai and capture the photos.


6. London

Best cities for street photography

London is a city where ancient and modern collide. It is home to perhaps more cultures and diversity than any place on earth and is full of photographic potential. One can spend days exploring parts of London on foot and get completely different atmospheres when it comes to photography.

To capture London’s curry houses, street art and hipster lumberjacks, head straightaway to the Brick Lane. The Barbican Estate is an essential stop if you want to suddenly feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine taking you right back to the sixties. Head to the evergreen Oxford Street to capture a million shoppers and their brand fetish. Take a shot of the most famous London Bridge to capture the ‘real London’ in one image. It is also a great place to take photos of people taking photos of people.

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