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Choco Voyage- A Chocolate Lover’s Travel Guide

Choco Voyage- A Chocolate Travel Guide

Some people travel for pleasure and some for adventure. How would it be like to travel for both? Indulge in the year’s most exotic ‘Chocolate trip’ that will leave you moaning with pleasure once you have tasted the world’s finest chocolates in few of the world’s most adventurous destinations. Make your own chocolate bars, learn about chocolate-inspired art, participate in cocoa harvests, experience chocolate-based spa treatments and bring back home distinctive chocolate souvenirs.

So Chocoholics, what are you waiting for? Get your bags ready and set out to treat yourself with the very best chocolate-themed trips around the world.


  1. The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, UK

Being the world’s first chocolate-themed hotel in the world, the boutique offers cozy and stylish rooms decorated with hues of chocolate and chocolate galore. The rooms include a chocolate heart with a personal handwritten message (in chocolate) for your loved one. From chocolate truffle making and chocolate portrait painting to bar workshops and chocolate/wine pairing sessions, the hotel has something for everyone.

Must try: The complimentary chocolate fountain before trying a ‘choctail’ at the bar.

  1. Halloren Chocolate Museum, Germany

Ever thought that a museum with chocolate sculptures and chocolate art can actually exist? Well, it does! Do check out the Halloren museum, which is Germany’s oldest chocolate museum. The museum showcases exhibits about the history of chocolate, chocolate making equipment, molds, and a view of the factory process. The highlight of the museum tour is the ‘chocolate room’ featuring furniture, walls and the ceiling crafted entirely from chocolate.

Must try: The Champaign heart truffles that melt in your mouth almost instantly.

  1. Salon Du Chocolat, France

Don’t let its name let you think otherwise because Salon Du Chocolat is a yearly trade fair for the international chocolate industry. It features the world’s finest chocolatiers who present their products on more than 250 stands. The two best things about the program area show-stopping ‘chocolate fashion show’ and unlimited free chocolate samples.

Must try: Free chocolate samples and souvenirs from over 200 exhibitors.

  1. Hershey Park, USA

Hershey’s Chocolate World attraction is full of sweet, fun ways to explore, taste, create, and enjoy everything chocolate. As a visitor at the Hershey Park, you are allowed to take a trip on the Hershey’s chocolate tour ride for free, create your own Candy Bar attraction and be a part of the fun at the 4D Chocolate Mystery show! Book your tickets soon to shop for one-of-a-kind souvenirs and gifts, and have a chocolate-inspired adventure to remember!

Must try: Hershey’s s’mores and flavored kisses.

  1. Museu De La Xocolata, Spain

This museum is one of Barcelona’s unusual attractions. At the beginning of the tour, you are given an edible ticket after which you can wander through the sculptures and paintings of famous artists imitated in chocolate! The largest section of the museum shows the manufacturing of chocolate. Machines are on display, showing the different manufacturing processes. The “Sala Barcelona” features famous buildings of Barcelona as chocolate miniatures.

Must try: The crema catalane chocolate bar.

  1. Graycliff Chocolatier, Bahamas

Your chocolate journey begins with the history of its Bahamas home after which you’ll explore the factory and learn how cocoa beans become scrumptious candy. At Graycliff Chocolatier guests learn how to make their own chocolates under the tutelage of the master chocolatier or they can simply indulge in these delicious gourmet chocolates. So, if you have a sweet tooth, make a trip immediately.

Must try: The Graycliff dark chocolate bar with roasted almonds.

  1. Chocolate for your body, USA

This Chicago based spa is the ultimate indulgence for chocolate lovers. Its services include chocolate facials, chocolate massage, chocolate nails, chocolate waxing and chocolate hair treatments. Relax with a signature chocolate body wrap before treating yourself to a chocolate pedicure.

Must try: The warm chocolate body wrap.

  1. The Chocolate Train, Switzerland

One simply cannot visit Switzerland without sampling Switzerland’s most famous specialty – Swiss chocolate. The Swiss government has dedicated a whole train to the world’s most delicate temptation. The chocolate train takes passengers on a picturesque journey through the Swiss countryside. The final stop is the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory, where you can watch a multilingual video, observe chocolate production, sample the finished product, and buy Cailler or Nestlé candy bars at factory prices.

Must try: Cailler white and brown mixed dessert chocolate.

  1. La Loma, Panama

Accessible only by boat, La Loma jungle lodge sits in a grove of chocolate trees. Guests stay in four ranchos within the canopy, where wildlife meets chocolate life. At the restaurant, all meals are made with organic chocolate and the guests are allowed to see the full process of growing and harvesting cocoa beans. Also, sample a delicious chocolate shake and a green tea flavored chocolate bar.

Must try: Chocolate coconut muffins sprinkled with choco chips.

  1. Savour School, Australia

Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School, the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region, is where professional chefs through to passionate foodies can expand their knowledge and skills. This school in Melbourne is dedicated to the art of chocolate making. Develop the art of making chocolate flowers, chocolate showpieces, chocolate biscuits, chocolate macarons, pralines and tarts.

Must try: The chocolate curls class and chocolate sculpture making class.

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