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One Should…

One should: Ever wondered how many people have ‘things to do before I die’ bucket list? You may have one too, but, I bet your list is incomplete without the inclusion of certain check marks that should be a part of every individuals ‘goals’. Read further to illuminate the horizon of your desires.

One should…



    On fly Geyser, Nevada:

One Should

Fly Geyser, located in the Nevada Desert, is a collection of three large colorful mounds which perpetually shoot five feet of water right up into the air. This beautiful man-made structure was created by accident and functioned perfectly fine. It rather functioned un- creatively until the heated geothermal water began to erupt out of the well. The outcome of this accident was the dissolved minerals that began to accumulate and eventually formed these huge, colorful mounds. The fly geyser has been so secretly located that it has brought the attention to itself over years. Tourism or sightseeing is strictly prohibited on this private property.



    A movie at the Beanieplex Theatre


Ever came across those pictures on Facebook and Instagram where a theatre has comfy sofa seating? How many of us thought that it’s just a place of one’s dreams and doesn’t actually exist? Well, it gives me great pleasure to break it to many that it is a reality. This theatre of dreams is a part of Malaysia’s TGV Cinemas. It features largely adjustable bean-bag seats that are so cushiony that watching a movie will be more than just fun. What are you waiting for? Book your show now!



    Uyuni Salt Flats


Uyuni flats of Southern Bolivia constitute the world’s largest salt desert that is about 11,000 km sq. Transformations between many prehistoric lakes give rise to the formation of the Salar. The surface of it includes a few meters of salt crust having unusual and extraordinary flatness. Its average altitude variations are within one meter over the entire area of the Salar. The crust provides an excellent source of salt and covers a pool of brine. The salts give a breathtaking image of convergence of the land and sky. Bolivia is one of the most affordable destinations. All it would cost you to get to these mesmerizing flats is probably a bus ride for 0.20 US cents. So, ride on!



    At Ninja New York


This extraordinary restaurant is designed to look like a 15th century medieval, old-fashioned Japanese village full of dark nooks and snaking passageways. Patrons get the opportunity to eat amidst waiters disguised as warriors, who roam, romp and perform tricks while serving sushi and sake. It is the out-of-the-box-must-go-to fusion of Japanese fare and martial arts destination. These ethical servers in black costumes ceaselessly bow, regularly yelp and sporadically tumble while you enjoy the savory of your meal.



   Coffee at the Cat Café Nekorobi


Nekorobi is a hip cat café located in the entertainment district of Tokyo. Here, you can fulfill your dream of a cat-date if you are if you are cordial with your feline friends. Guests set their foot in through glass doors and find themselves in a dimly lit area where they find cats prowling and sprawling out. Here, the vending machine offers a great deal of variety in drinks, coffee, royal milk tea, green tea and instant miso soup. One of the perks of visiting in the evening is that one will have the chance to witness the dinnertime ritual of the cats. The feline friends feast on cat food in food bowls made of glass arranged in a circle around a floor lamp. For those obsessed with the cat family, this place is no doubt a must visit. This felinely sipping will cost you around 100 yen. Go meowww!



    The Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight


This event is very popular and takes place annually, every lover’s day, at the Golden Gate Bridge State. The state commoners gather here very enthusiastically with theirs and everybody else’s pillows to experience this flash mob where everyone just beats the loving pillows out of each other. This happy time and happy experience will cost you not more than a feather-filled pillow. What are you waiting for? Attack!



    At the Dinner in the Sky

 Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky

The concept of this restaurant in Malaysia involves a crane 160 feet above the air that not just holds but also hosts the guests. The guests are securely strapped into ‘dining chairs’, along with a table, waiters and all requirements necessary to enjoy a fantastic meal. The novelty based mobile restaurant costing RM 599 per person is definitely worth a try. So, dive in the dine-in!

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