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How to save the BEST for Travel

How to save the BEST for Travel: Everyone has a dream to travel around the world but few make it happen, lucky you!! nope, actually, you all can do it with these simple steps. follow these at least few times in a month, I bet you land up in the flight lane traveling to your favorite destination. I promise.

How to save the BEST for Travel
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1.Budget your Travel  

Create a plan and budget for your travel destination. Start with the nearest travel destination from your bucket. so that you do not overboard yourself or fail your first step.

2. Check your Entertainment costs

This is a big saving item. yes, Entertainment!! just stop spending on local so that you can go international. simple as it is. think twice before spending on weekly entertainment and try to save on a long journey.

3. Make an Auto Transfer to a Saving Account: name it as ‘my dream travel’

This is definitely a rocker!! just think you found a treasure after six months and so delighted to see a full trip cost and shopping budget as well.

– Akira Singh.(Travel Dreamer)

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