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Shop till You Drop!

Shop till You Drop!
Shop till You Drop!

Want to experience a ‘real feel’ for any place? You can get one by having the best local experiences in the world’s top street markets. Street markets have been the center of commerce for centuries. They forever top females ‘to do’ list. The sights smells, and sounds of the best street markets around the world introduce us to an entirely different world. Whether it is things to stroke or squeeze, sniff or admire, they all, in the end, compel us to spend our hard-earned money. Here, are the top street markets of the world where you can shop till you drop!

Shop till you drop at:


  1. Chandni Chowk, Delhi


When you think of top street markets, India is certainly one of the first places to come to mind. With Delhi playing host to a numerous well- known markets, you certainly can shop till you drop here. The most popular street markets, however, is the Chandni Chowk. It is located in a neighborhood of the same name. The status of this outstanding market stems from 2 conspicuous facts. Firstly, from the fact that it has existed for a number of centuries. Secondly, from the fact that you can buy absolutely anything there, whether it be clothes or exotic foods.

Must buy: Lehangas from the Kinari bazar in Chandni chowk.

Must try: Dahi bhallas and Jalebis made in Desi ghee.


  1. Camden Lock Market, London


One of London’s major tourist attractions, the Camden Lock market offers everything from furniture to clothing. Unlike most of the world’s other top street markets, however, Camden sets itself apart. It has incorporated many special events such as art shows, comedy events, and concerts into its annual schedule. Bands such as the Mumford & sons and Foo fighters have performed there in the past. Sprawling around the lock’s moorings along the banks of the canal and overflowing antique boutiques, Camden Market is one of the most colorful experiences of London. It is also one of the best places where you can shop till you drop!

Must buy: Unusual gift items from independent designers.

Must try: Music, events and special acts during Christmas and Halloween.


  1. Lawrence Market, Canada


This market was chosen by National Geographic as the world’s best food market. It is spread over two main buildings. The first being the St. Lawrence market north which hosts weekly antique markets and farmer’s markets. The second being the St. Lawrence south which hosts few restaurants, a gallery, food shops and stalls. Other than the delicacies sprinkled throughout this market, the area is also famous for organizing events throughout the year. The Strawberry Social Festival, the largest festival for dogs and the Bukerfest are some of the events of Lawrence market.

Must buy: The finest wine from the Wine country merchant’s store.

Must try: Boston bluefish and Portuguese custard tarts.


  1. Queen Victoria Market, Australia


The market is one of Melbourne’s major tourist attractions. It is visited by countless tourists and locals daily. Shoppers can find everything from fruit and vegetables to local and imported gourmet foods, fashion and general merchandise. Built on 7 hectares (17 acres) of land, it qualifies as the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere. The Queen Victoria Market has lots of special extra events and activities such as classes, concerts and night markets. These events also include the ‘food night safari’ where you can taste samples of 140 different cuisines. There is also a ‘chocolate tour’ where you can sample chocolates from Melbourne’s best chocolatiers.

Must buy: Melbourne made treasure handicrafts and jewelry.

Must try: Mini doughnuts served on sticks and Spanish Paella.


  1. Rialto Market, Venice


As the world’s oldest market, the Rialto market in Venice is without question one of the best street markets to shopping till you drop! It is also said to be one of the most ‘atmospheric’ marketplaces in the world. It is an absolute tourist ‘must-do’if only to see the Rialto Bridge, which dates back to the 1500s. Visitors to the marketplace will be amazed by the quality and quantity of fresh produce and seafood on show. One might even be able to see few specimens that they’ve never seen before. Sprawling between cloistered walkways and down stepped streets, you will even find products available on moored gondolas. This being more akin to the floating markets of South East Asia.

Must buy: Other than fresh seafood and groceries, one can also buy beads and marbled paper from this market.

Must try: Venice’s specialty food-cicchetti.


  1. Taipei Shilin Night Market, Taiwan


The Shilin night market holds the prestigious title of being the largest of Taipei’s night markets. In recent years, it has expanded rapidly in size, spilling further and further into the streets. The main drawcard of the Shilin night market is said to be its large, lively food court. This food court serves everything from fried buns to bubble tea. Shopaholics need not worry, however, as the market also incorporates a multitude of non-food related stalls and shops.

Must buy: Fashion trinkets and souvenirs from roadside vendors.

Must try: Nangang Chang PepperBuns and Taiwan beer.

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