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Splash! In India’s best Water Parks

Splash! In India’s best Water Parks: With the onset of vacations and summers, it has to be important to take out some time for yourself, for your family and of course, your near and dear ones! After your 9 to 5 exhaustive job, daily, looking after your children’s doings, doing up the house, a vacation is something which will not only distract your mind but also make sure to distract your body with some physical activity. Also, what’s better than reliving your childhood moments again with your family at your favorite park where you would beg for another ride making the best puppy dog face you could possibly make?

Splash! In India’s best Water Parks
Splash! In India’s best Water Parks

You can become a child again with glossy smiles and dreamy smiles for all you want, thanks to the amazing theme parks we have in our country which offers to your childhood yet again! Here are some of such theme and amusement parks!


Wonderful Wonderla- Wonderla

Image Source: Wonderla

Wonderla launched its third park in the city of pearls- Hyderabad. Opened just in June 2016, Wonderla in Hyderabad has already earned love from all across the nation and is the most ‘happening’ place to be for all teenagers who earlier had to book a flight to another city to get amused at Wonderla. Beautiful infrastructure, most amazing food and the best rides in the world indeed makes it a farfetched opening for all youngsters.

Image Source: Tripadvisor

Must do: Recoil is one of the most amazing rides there. You definitely should not miss the giant wheel and if you visit it during the evening, you may admire the sun killing the sky. Rain disco is also fun if you want to shake a leg with friends and family.

Ticket fee: Rs 1290 for adults and Rs 1030 for children.

City: Hyderabad.



Old molded yet gold- Essel World

‘Old moldy yet gold’, this phrase definitely goes for Essel World considering how it’s still doing wonders in bringing smiles and tears of joy on the faces of its visitors. Rides with fun, food with taste and unlimited family time do it promise. If you are looking for some family time, party time or wondering how to define some ‘gala time’, Essel World is waiting for you.

Must do: Your trip is incomplete if you don’t plummet down a swirling water dive in aqua dive, spin around in the aero swinger or get lost to find yourself again in the Hedge Maze in Essel World.

Ticket fee: Rs 790 for adults and Rs 490 for children.

City: Mumbai.


Knowledge plus fun- Nicco Park

Nicco Park is located in the popular Salt Lake City of Kolkata. It focuses on educating the children along with making them have plenty of fun and rejoice their childhood. Still a child at heart? Unleash the child in you, visit Nicco park and re-live your childhood by traveling in various boats, experiencing various rides and rolling on the roller coaster rides available, it’s one beautiful place to be in for all age groups for sure.

Must do: Cyclone ride, ropeway ride, and the water sports there are quite famous and loved by tourists and visitors.

Ticket fee: Rs 450 per head.

City: Kolkata.


Explore the Thriller- Adventure Island

Going by the name, it totally is full of adventure, thrill and exploring new sides of yourself along with the place. Every time you visit the place, some power in it keeps on getting you to revisit it again and again. From famous rides which have been exported all the way from Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, it is rated as one of the best amusement parks in the country, indeed! If you have visited Delhi but not this place, you need to note it down to freak out in adventure Island next time during your trip.


Must do: Splash water, splash dunk, twister and G-forces are supposed to be the best. The food at Coconut Plaza is also finger licking good.

Ticket fee: Rs 600 for adults and Rs 400 for children.

City: New Delhi.


Splash till you Mash- Aquatica

‘Aquatica’, for the ones looking for a stay keeping in mind a certain budget, is a perfect vacation point. Its spread across 17 acres in Kolkata considering the water usage here. Not only that, it is rated as one of the best water resorts and parks universally. So, for the ones seeking a vacation, Aquatica is definitely going to make this vacation a fun- cation, I promise!


Must do: Surfacer, black hole, and wave pool are some impeccably exciting rides which are a must do for the ones who excite thrill.

Ticket fee: Rs 400 for adults and Rs 200 for children.

City: Kolkata.


Fantasise all you want here- GRS Fantasy Club

GRS club was opened with a promise that it clearly delivers- a promise of delivering fun and appreciation in the hearts and faces of its visitors. With hygienic surroundings, orthodox yet very welcoming infrastructure and its make-up, it is definitely worth the fee you spend on the purchase of its tickets. Not only that, it has also won the trip advisor award for one of the best family parks in India.


Must do: If you don’t want your visit to GRS to be incomplete, take notes of the most essential things to do there, i.e., for the ones with a milder mindset, there are smaller slides and dashing cars along with water splash area where you can have the most overwhelming time. For others who are out for a lazy afternoon, there’s lazy river. Those who want to shake a leg, there’s a rain dance.

Ticket fee: Rs 600 for adults and Rs 500 for children.

City: Mysore.


Beyond Imagination- Adlabs Imagica

Now there’s no doubt about this that Imagica is definitely ‘imagination worthy’, in fact it is, for some of us, beyond imagination. Adlabs Imagica is divided into six zones all over the world- India, Viva Europe, Arabia, Asiana, America and jumbo Africa. But, at 80 acres, Imagica is not only bigger than other popular theme parks in Asia but has the most and bets rides ever. From beauty, ambience and diversity of choice, it has it all if your mood is yearning for fun and your eyes in search of admiration, then Imagica it is!

Must do: Imagica has India’s and Asia’s largest roller coaster, boat rides among dinosaurs and a 360-degree cinema dome which you just cannot miss.

Ticket fee: Rs 1500 for adults and Rs 1200 for children.

City: Pune.


Best of Both Worlds- MGM Dizzee

For the people in Chennai, MGM Dizzee acts as a lifesaver considering how warm and unbearable Chennai can be at times. It is one of the most well-equipped parks in the world and the most well organized as well. This is because it has the best of both worlds- indoor and outdoor activities for its visitors. From video games for children to boating/ water and dry rides for others. It even has a restaurant with the best cuisines for more than 200 people at the same time.

Image Source

Must do: Rolling thunder, water coaster, Amphitheatre and dodgem electrifying bumper cars are a must try for an enthralling experience at MGM.

Ticket fee: Rs 800 for adults and Rs 600 for children.

City: Chennai.

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