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Thanksgiving around the World

Thanksgiving being one of the biggest events in the American calendar is an annual holiday in the United States and Canada. This day particularly celebrates the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Thanksgiving Day is rich in symbolism and the typical Thanksgiving meal includes turkey, bread stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, and pumpkin pie.

With respect to travel, Thanksgiving is often the busiest holiday of the year, as family members gather with one another. This day is celebrated all around the world but with a number of variants, of course. Their meanings, dates, and customs may vary, but they all revolve around the concept of gratitude.

Read through to know how Thanksgiving is celebrated by Nations around the world! Travel to any one of these to experience the best and most traditional Thanksgiving celebration!



Thanksgiving around the World
Thanksgiving around the world

In America, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the month of November every year. Until recently, people believed Thanksgiving Day to be a celebration of pilgrims, offering food to Indians. Today, Thanksgiving is a festive time for family reunions in America. Family members show their gratitude to each other by gifting each other flowers, baked cookie hampers, chocolate baskets, wine etc.

In America, Thanksgiving is also celebrated as the official beginning of Christmas season. Every house is beautifully decorated and the entire atmosphere at the time is euphoric.



Thanksgiving around the world

Even though Japan doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving like America, it still has a Thanksgiving holiday right around the same time. It is called ‘kinrōkanshahi’ and is a holiday celebrating workers in Japan. The Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan has celebrated on the 23rd of November annually.

School kids sometimes make thank you cards and gifts for workers like police, firefighters, and hospital workers to show their gratitude. Unlike Americans, the Japanese do not feast on Turkey on this day. Their feast food includes Pumpkin Soup, Apple Nut Salad, Roasted Ham, garlic potatoes and apple pie.



Thanksgiving around the world

Liberia is the only African state that celebrates Thanksgiving on the national level. Their Thanksgiving date falls on the first Thursday in November. To bring a variation in the festival, Liberians take the concept of the cornucopia. They fill their churches with baskets of local fruits like bananas, papayas, mangoes, and pineapples. Concerts and dance programs are also organized for family reunions.

Another reason Liberians celebrate Thanksgiving is to thank God for freeing slaves and granting them freedom. Special food of this day includes chicken roasting and green bean casserole and mashed cassavas.



Thanksgiving around the world

The origins of Canadian Thanksgiving are more closely connected to the traditions of Europe than of the United States. Thanksgiving in Canada falls on the second Monday of October. It is called  l’Action de grâce and is celebrated to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed.

Many people also prepare a special meal to eat at some point during the long weekend. The foods include oats turkey and seasonal produce, such as pumpkin, corn ears, and pecan nuts.



Thanksgiving around the world

Thanksgiving is a religious holiday in Germany and takes place on the first Sunday of October. Germans believe that celebrating Thanksgiving brings good fortune for the entire year. In some parts of Germany, an entire procession where people wear crowns made of grains and fruits. It is also known as Erntedankfest in the German language.

Some aspects of the New World’s Thanksgiving celebration include Jazz dancing and music parties. While Thanksgiving in the U.S. is the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season, in Germany the unofficial starting date is Martinstag on November 11.



Thanksgiving around the world

Thanksgiving is really an important festive day for the Dutch. In the Netherlands, this day is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November. Today, people flock to the Gothic churches of Leiden for a Thanksgiving Day service. Thanksgiving in Netherlands is celebrated as the day when people give thanks for what they have, take part in tons of festive feasting, and spend quality time with family and friends.

It is very similar to the festivities of America though it is not a public holiday. The traditional Thanksgiving feast includes turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, and dressing.

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