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Enjoy Valentines Day In your Own Bubble

Places in Europe where you can stay in a Bubble

Places in Europe where you can stay in a Bubble: Remember all those childhood days when you’d spend hours together blowing and popping soap bubbles? Imagine one such huge bubble having rooms, bathrooms and all other amenities. How cool would it actually be to spend time with your loved one inside such a bubble and spend your days sipping Champaign surrounded by enchanted forests, pristine countryside, beautiful deserts or snow-clad mountains.

What are you waiting for? Book your stay at one of these bubbles to enjoy a mesmerizing night under the stars with your better half to make this of the most memorable Valentine’s Day!


Nuit Nature, France

Situated amidst lush green grassy fields and surrounded by the mighty Mont Blanc mountains is the Nuit Nature bubble room. With its little touches of luxury that include the interiors of the bubble, the comfortable furniture, cozy linen and blankets, this place has become a place that is beautiful both inside out! As the sun sets and nightlife begins, an entirely different ambiance envelopes the bubble with owls calling and mountains echoing in the background.

For the most romantic experience, enjoy free Champaign tasting and a romantic dance around the bubble with slow music setting the mood. Also, enjoy complimentary breakfast in your bubble bed after a sweet night’s sleep outside in the French Alps.

Price during summer: $450

Price during winter: $570


Camp Katur, England

This beautiful 360-degree clear panoramic dome-shaped bubble is concealed in the woods enabling you to enjoy complete solitude with your beloved. A stay at these bubble unidomes fuses camping traditions of the past with 21st Century design. Decorated with fairy lights, the exterior night view of this place is splendid. Its interiors include a double bed draped in sheepskin rugs, romantic lanterns, and scented candles thus making it difficult for you to decide whether to stay inside the bubble or relax on the deck outside.

For the most romantic experience, don’t forget to enjoy a steamy couple massage session followed by a hot tub and sauna at the Eco spa.

Price during summer: $150.

Price during winter: $300.


Dihan Evasion, France

Located in the countryside of France, this bubble accommodation is a tad bit different when compared to the rest. While all the other bubble houses are located on ground level, Dihan Evasion has quirky bubble tents suspended in the trees thus providing a unique view from amidst the trees. These bubble tents are transparent and allow couples to fully soak in the surroundings and enjoy a unique holiday under the stars. It is most suitable for nature lovers as it brings them closer to nature and its assets. Accessed via ladders, the transparent spheres are equipped with large round mattresses and curtains for a private, comfortable night under the stars.

For the most romantic experience, couples can enjoy paddle boarding and kite surfing while simultaneously exploring nearby areas. There is also a large range of couple massage treatments available after which couples can relax in huge Asian style ‘hamams’.

Price during summer: $150

Price during winter: $350


Hotel Aire de Bardenas, Spain

This bubble hotel is situated amidst the Spanish desert thus helping visitors to create magical memories and experiences. Watching the stars from your room, waking up with the sun, bathing amidst trees and swimming in a desert are few of the things you can enjoy inside your personal bubble. All bubbles are soundproof and give you complete liberty to do as you wish it. The food served at the hotel here is unexpectedly good and most of it comes from the hotels personal vegetable and fruit gardens. Overall, it is a winning location, with the land rolling west under a vast sky. Come here for romance, pure peace and to escape the world for a while.

For the most romantic experience, book the room with an outdoor tub placed in the garden. Taking a bath together under the starry sky is altogether very enticing.

Price during summer: $250

Price during winter: $380


Attrapreves, France

Attrapreves is a cocoon that is located in the countryside in France. This place is most suitable for couples looking forward to an unusual and romantic moment. Guests can take their pick from the five different kinds of bubbles that are fully or partially transparent, depending on how much privacy they would like. Every bubble has been situated in an area with a particularly scenic viewpoint and few of them overlook the nearby harbor. The bubbles are only walking distance away from the main hotel which provides meals, telescopes with star charts, an outdoor Jacuzzi, and other amenities.

For the most romantic experience, sleep in the suite chick bubble whose interiors include decorations done with feathers, warm paints, petals, scented candles, and flowers. It also has a separate bathroom bubble for an unusual romantic night.

Price in summer: $350

Price in winter: $600


Dome Garden, UK

Places in Europe where you can stay in a Bubble

Dome Garden is a luxurious and stylish glamping site with a unique collection of 11 insulated eco-friendly geodesic domes.

Each dome has a secluded deck and a well-equipped outdoor kitchen. There are now four types of dome catering to slightly different groups. Cave-like Hobbity domes, flying beds, entertaining pizza nights, and lots of adventure opportunities make this one of the most luxurious and one of the best glamping sites in the UK.

For the most romantic experience, stay in the Skydome. With its elevated flying bed, set just below the level of the roof windows, there’s a panoramic view of the millions of stars and the glories of the clear, blue moon. The SkyDome also sits at the highest point in the forest so you and your partner can together catch the first rays of the morning sun.

Price in summer: $500

Price in winter: $1000


The 5 Million Star Hotel, Iceland

There’s no better way to experience the Northern Lights in Iceland than by staying at The 5 Million Star Hotel. Each bubble has a bed, nightstand, space heater, sheets and comforter, outlets for recharging devices, a lamp, and plenty of space for a backpack or two. In the winter the bubbles are best to view the stars and the northern lights but in the summer there are amazing green forests with all its wonderful birds, butterflies, and great scenery.

For the most romantic experience, choose the golden circle tour. This includes short trips to memorable and worth seeing destinations of Iceland.  The Thingvellir National Park, Hot springs, Gullfoss waterfall and the secret lagoon are a few of them.

Price during summer: $250

Price during winter: $500


Forest Domes, Northern Ireland

These bubbles offer the perfect setting for a romantic getaway, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy unspoiled views of the night sky. Escape the noise of the outside world and enjoy stargazing in comfort for the perfect romantic break in Northern Ireland. There are also a number of activities like fishing, cycling, spa treatments, water sports and indoor activities for all those who wish to get out of their bubble. There is also a forest spa that offers a salt room with float pool, lakeside Finnish sauna, aromatherapy cabin, hot tub overlooking the bay and fireside relaxation.

For the most romantic experience, try the open top bath complete with lavender bath salts and other luxury amenities.

Price during summer: $400

Price during winter: $700

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